Residences of Spring Hill


King City... a little bit of History

Welcome to King City


The hamlet of Springhill, which became the Village of King, and subsequently of King City, extended east and west of concession 4, and north and south of King Sideroad.  The name Springhill was undoubtedly given on account of the presence of so many springs in the area.  It is also believed the name change from the hamlet of Springhill to the Village of King took place due to the fact that another Springhill existed in Nova Scotia which shared the same railway line, resulting in mail being constantly lost.  


Residences of Spring Hill - Museum

Two signification landmarks within King City are Hogan’s Inn, built in 1855 and Crawford Wells, built in 1863.  The King train station, built in 1853 to serve the thriving community of Springhill, is now located at the King Township Museum site.


Oak Ridges Trail Marker

King Township is recognized as having some of the most picturesque countryside in Ontario.  The rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine are King’s most prominent geographical features and have extensive trail systems.  King is also known for its prestigious horse and cattle farms and country estates.