Residences of Spring Hill


Living Green

Environmental Responsibility


SPRING HILL CONDOS takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Throughout the building design process all aspects of construction are reviewed to minimize the environmental footprint. As a green building and Green Globes registered condominium,  Spring Hill Condos  is in the forefront of  energy conservation and technical innovation and will be among the greenest condominiums in York Region. These measures will help ensure a higher quality of life for residents while ensuring respect for the environment…today and for future generations.


The following steps have been taken to ensure an environmentally conscious building. While reducing operating expenses, there is the peace of mind knowing that we are doing our part to provide a clean, sustainable environment.


Environmental Protection And Green Initiatives

Site Planning

  • Intensive use of serviced land within the Township of King to minimize urban sprawl
  • Convenient access to York Regional public transportation
  • Accommodation for bicycles on site

Energy Production Efficiency

  • Central Ground Source Geothermal System for heating and cooling of the building, domestic hot water and pool heating using existing site aquifers
  • Solar Energy using rooftop mounted photovoltaic panels to create and deliver electricity to the grid
  • Solar Tracking that will move the solar panels to track the motion of the sun and boost solar energy by 20%
  • Condensing Boiler Technology to provide backup domestic hot water for the building
  • Variable Frequency Drives on rooftop fan units to optimize airflow and increase building comfort
  • Building Automation System to monitor all mechanical systems to ensure energy efficient operation and building comfort
  • Building Control System – automatically determines lighting requirements in hallways/common and parking areas
  • Garage Automation System to monitor emission levels for optimized exhaust fan operation
  • In-Suite Automation System to monitor and allow precise control for each individual suite
  • Energy efficient lighting (CFL/LED) in the common areas and garage to minimize waste of electricity
  • High efficiency wall and roof assemblies to minimize heat loss and heat gain


Construction Systems

  • The use of efficient and renewable steel structure
  • Use of low toxicity materials
  • Control, separation and recycling of construction debris
  • Large Ontario content for solar system


Construction Materials

  • Local supplier and fabrication of brick and other exterior materials
  • Locally fabricated windows and doors to minimize transportation impacts
  • Green solar panels with 25 year warranty


Green Environment

  • Planted garage rooftops
  • Native species for landscaped areas
  •  Controlled storm water retained mostly on site for irrigation or to adjacent pond
  • Recycling managed with a Tri-sorter recycling and trash system.
  • Extended roof life expectancy due to solar panels that protects the roof membrane


Healthy Building

  • Exterior insulation system keeps the structure warm and ensures that the Dew point is outside the frame wall minimizing the risk of mould
  • Hepa filtration system ensures fresh air is supplied to common areas, corridors as well as all suites


Individual Suite

  • Energy efficient lighting (CFL/LED) to minimize waste of electricity
  • Low flow shower heads, faucets and water conserving toilets
  • Individual suite electrical metering and in-suite controls maximize comfort level and minimize energy consumption
  • Pre-occupancy air quality management to ensure all contaminants are removed prior to move-in.


What Does All This Mean?

Buildings and homes consume approximately 40% of the energy we produce. Our efforts described above is equal to eliminating a minimum of 25,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 20 years or the equivalent of removing 240 cars from the roads of Ontario each year.


Additionally, the above initiatives ensure long term stability of energy costs relative to the expected increases in gas and electric rates such as the recently announced Ontario Hydro rate increase.